I am currently in the process of dismantling my commercial and model photography operation. As a consequence of this, this page will act only as a conduit to display and share my work and not as a commercial platform. Should you be interested in my reason for doing this you are […]

As you might have noticed, there hasn’t been much new material in the past months. This is because, not for the lack of trying to arrange it, I simple haven’t shot anything apart from scenery and landmarks. This breather, partially self-inflicted and partially circumstantial, has given me time to think […]

About 8.5 years ago that happened which is the bane of every digital photographer. I lost, in essence, all my originals. At the time I had them stored on a USB drive that one day just decided that life was not fun anymore and it stopped working. Hours of recovery […]

Today I’ve published the online exhibition of m portrait series Lines of Light. You can find it on the Owlstand-platform by using this link or searching on the site.   I again thank everybody that was involved, without you this would not have come to pass.

Sometimes, less is far more. here is the cover for my new photobook:   The shoots concluded the last week of July and the production of the virtual exhibition and the accompanying book  has taken some time, but now it is all coming together.

Today I’m closing the shoots for Lines of Light. Now begins the more challenging work in selecting and refining the photos to be used in the various means of publications and participation rewards. A big thank you to everyone that participated. So thank you Sara, Ksenia, Sara (another), Veronica, Nadja, Eddy, […]